2017 Fat Boyz Regatta • Laser Fleet 413

2017 Fat Boys Laser Regatta
Notice of Race
2017/18 Frostbiting Season Opener

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Date: Fat Boyz on Saturday 11/11/17 (November 11, 2017) & Frostbiting on Sunday 11/12/2017

Location: Sail Newport, Newport, RI. Racing to take place in the waters of Newport Harbor. Directions at


Registration: Register online now (www.newportlaserfleet.org ) Late registration 9-10 am at waterfront.

Saturday Schedule: Skipper’s meeting at 10:30 am. First race noon (12:00), no start after 4:00 pm.

Festivities Saturday: After Sailing dinner, beer, and awards in the New Sailing Building at Sail Newport.

Sunday Schedule: All competitors are invited to sail regular Sunday frostbiting at no charge. First race is 12:00.

Fee: $50.00 (If you bring a guest/spouse the additional fee is $20 for food and fun.)

Storage: For skippers paying for winter storage (included in Fleet 413 frostbiting fee) this can be your drop off

day. All other boats must be removed from premises after sailing.

Eligibility: Open to registered sailors in Laser and Laser Radial rigs.

Safety & Responsibility: Sailors are required to wear adequate protective gear & PFD’s. Laser Fleet 413 holds to the following informal rule during adverse conditions, 3 strikes and your out. Whereas a strike equals a flip. Sailors that find themselves in this situation are strongly urged to sail back to the safety of the shore for the remainder of the day.

Starts: Starts will be 3 minute dinghy starts.

Courses: Windward-Leeward, Triangle, Harry Anderson, M, or combinations of.

Sail Numbers: Sailors are required to have UNIQUE sail numbers.

Protests: 360 turns are required of boats that foul. If you wish to protest you must organize the protest committee yourself. If you foul and don’t do your penalty turn you have cheated everyone else and yourself. Remember “If in winning the race you have lost the respect of your fellow competitors then you have not won at all.” – Paul


Scoring: Using low point scoring with no throw out races.

Contacts: Jack McVicker or Scott Pakenham LaserFleet413@gmail.com

Registration: Please register online at the 413 website! www.NewportLaserFleet.org or find Jack or Scott.

Loaner boats: Laser Fleet 413 has 3 loaner boats available. These are on a reserved basis, please see website for reservations.

Charter boats: A few sources exists within the fleet, contact Jack and Scott. Outside the fleet contact Sturgis Boatworks.

Come to beautiful & historic Newport, RI and warm up for frostbiting. We have a top notch RC lined up to test your form. See you there


Jack McVicker • Adult • Full Rig
Scott Pakenham • Adult • Full Rig
Andrew J Pimental • Adult • Full Rig
Steve Kirkpatrick • Adult • Full Rig
Peter Shope • Masters (45+) • Full Rig
Jeff Beckwith • Masters (45+) • Full Rig
David Frazier • Masters (45+) • Full Rig
Mark Bear • Masters (45+) • Full Rig
Natalya Gontcharova • Female • Radial
Will Donaldson • Masters (45+) • Full Rig
john Beal • Masters (45+) • Full Rig
Christine Neville • Adult • Full Rig
James Jacob • Adult • Full Rig
Lynne Shore • Adult • Full Rig
Jonathan Shore • Adult • Full Rig
Jacques Kerrest • Adult • Full Rig
Brian Fisher • Masters (45+) • Full Rig
Peter Seidenberg • Adult • Full Rig
Chris Bollengier • Adult • Full Rig
amnon gitelson • Adult • Radial
Glen Dickson • Masters (45+) • Full Rig
Bob Kinsman • Adult • Full Rig
Daniel for Neri Neri • Adult • Full Rig
Max Lopez • Adult • Full Rig
Alex Young • Adult • Radial
Tom Derecktor • Adult • Full Rig
Stephen Kosacz Kosacz • Adult • Full Rig
Parker Colantuono • Junior (18 and under) • Full Rig
Theresa Colantuono • Adult • Full Rig
Eric Pinault • Adult • Full Rig
Oakley Jones • Adult • Full Rig
August Sturm • Adult • Full Rig
Seth Cooley Cooley • Adult • Full Rig
Seth Cooley Cooley • Junior (18 and under) • Full Rig
Peter Hopple • Adult • Full Rig
Aleksei Semeniuk • Adult • Full Rig
Brian Leaver Leaver • Adult • Full Rig
August Sturm • Adult • Full Rig
Paul Clifford • Adult • Full Rig
Joshua Bartoszuk Bartoszuk • Junior (18 and under) • Full Rig
Ed Adams • Adult • Full Rig
Joshua Bartoszuk Bartoszuk • Junior (18 and under) • Full Rig
Chris Sheldon • Adult • Full Rig
Paul Revere III • Masters (45+) • Full Rig
david moffet • Masters (45+) • Full Rig
david moffet • Masters (45+) • Full Rig
Jenny Daudlin • Adult • Full Rig

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