2018 Fat Boyz Regatta Registration

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Liability Waiver

I acknowledge and accept the following statement:
WAIVER OF LIABILITY and ACKNOWLEDGMENT OF ASSUMPTION OF THE RISK In accordance with section 7-6-22 of the Rhode Island General Laws, entitled "EXEMPTION FROM LIABILITY TO PARTICIPATE IN ATHLETIC SPORTS EVENTS," I hereby release Newport Laser Fleet 413 and its officers and Sail Newport, Inc., its officers, directors, agents, trustees, servants, sponsors, employees and the State of R.I. of any liability for bodily injury to me while I am participating for any contest or exhibition of an athletic or sports nature held by Fleet 413 and Sail Newport Inc., and hereby acknowledge and assume the risk of any bodily injury to myself while participating in or practicing for the 2018 Fat Boyz Regatta on the water or on shore.

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Current Entry List:

Jack McVicker • Adult • Full Rig
Glen Dickson • Adult • Full Rig
Bob Kinsman • Adult • Full Rig
Lynne Shore Shore • Adult • Full Rig
Geoffrey Hamilton • Adult • Full Rig
Gabriel Hannon • Adult • Full Rig
Casey Brown • Adult • Full Rig
Will Donaldson Donaldson • Adult • Full Rig
Mark Bear • Masters (45+) • Full Rig
Peter Shope • Masters (45+) • Full Rig
Christine C Neville Neville • Adult • Full Rig
David Frazier • Masters (45+) • Full Rig
David Frazier • Masters (45+) • Full Rig
Brian Fisher • Masters (45+) • Full Rig
Steven Kirkpatrick • Adult • Full Rig
Peter Mark • Masters (45+) • Full Rig
Joe Berkeley • Adult • Full Rig
Peter Seidenberg • Masters (45+) • Full Rig
Tom Derecktor • Adult • Full Rig
Andrew Pimental • Adult • Full Rig
Eric Pinault • Adult • Full Rig
Flynn Hill • Junior (18 and under) • Full Rig
david moffet • Masters (45+) • Full Rig
Jenny Daudlin • Adult • Full Rig
Paul Hayes • Adult • Full Rig


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