2021 Fat Boyz Regatta Registration

(Last four digits of full number)
Liability Waiver

I acknowledge and accept the following statements:

WAIVER OF LIABILITY and ACKNOWLEDGMENT OF ASSUMPTION OF THE RISK In accordance with section 7-6-22 of the Rhode Island General Laws, entitled "EXEMPTION FROM LIABILITY TO PARTICIPATE IN ATHLETIC SPORTS EVENTS," I hereby release Newport Laser Fleet 413 and its officers and Sail Newport, Inc., its officers, directors, agents, trustees, servants, sponsors, employees and the State of R.I. of any liability for bodily injury to me while I am participating for any contest or exhibition of an athletic or sports nature held by Fleet 413 and Sail Newport Inc., and hereby acknowledge and assume the risk of any bodily injury to myself while participating in or practicing for the 2021 Fat Boyz Regatta on the water or on shore.


I, who wishes to utilize the marine facilities at Sail Newport Inc. in Fort Adams State Park hereby acknowledge that said organization is doing everything they can to protect the public as well as myself and child(ren) as users of the facility. To this extent, I agree to follow Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), State of RI and Department of Environmental Management (DEM) guidelines, and Sail Newport policies and procedures for social distancing to reduce the spread of COVID-19. This will require me to maintain six (6) feet of distance between myself, park visitors, fellow sailors, volunteers, employees, and patrons of the organization.

I understand that I must park both my boat /dolly and my vehicle at the direction of Sail Newport and DEM Staff.

I will enjoy the natural distancing that sailing offers!

Neither Sail Newport nor DEM, it’s agents, employees, volunteers, or directors are responsible for any potential exposure to COVID-19 at the Sail Newport Facility.

Upon submission, you will be redirected to PayPal to pay for your entry fee.



Current Entry List:

Jack McVicker • Adult • Full Rig
Scott Pakenham • Adult • Full Rig
David Frazier • Adult • Full Rig
Gage Schoenherr • Adult • Full Rig
Jake Demos • Junior (18 and under) • Full Rig
Atle Lohrmann Lohrmann • Adult • Full Rig
Mark Bear • Adult • Full Rig
Nicholas Reeser • Adult • Full Rig
Carrter Pearce • Adult • Full Rig
Michael Burns • Adult • Full Rig
Bob LaBanca LaBanca • Adult • Full Rig
Richard Gordon • Adult • Full Rig
Steven Kirkpatrick • Adult • Full Rig
Peter Shope Shope • Adult • Full Rig
Christine Shope Shope • Adult • Full Rig
Eric Pinault • Adult • Full Rig
Peter Seidenberg • Adult • Full Rig
Bodhi Becker Bodhi • Junior (18 and under) • Radial
Will Donaldson Donaldson • Adult • Full Rig
Jonathan Shore • Adult • Full Rig
Daniel Berry • Adult • Full Rig
Mike Gabriel • Adult • Full Rig
Andrew Pimental • Adult • Full Rig
Andrew Pimental • Adult • Full Rig
David Gray Gray • Adult • Full Rig
Willem Oswald • Adult • Full Rig
William Berry Berry • Adult • Full Rig
Joe Berkeley • Adult • Full Rig
Scott Vogel • Adult • Full Rig
Townsend Goddard Goddard • Adult • Full Rig
Dwight Escalera • Adult • Full Rig
Elizabeth Escalera • Adult • Full Rig
chris sheldon • Adult • Full Rig
Tu Lee • Adult • Full Rig


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