2024 Pete Milnes Memorial Regatta • Sunday, April 28





Date: Sunday, April 28, 2024

Location: Boats launch from Sail Newport and sailing takes place in / around Newport Harbor

First Warning Signal: Noon Start! 12:00 p.m., skippers meeting just before launch

Registration: Sailors must register and complete waivers before sailing. Competitors under 18 years of age must have a waiver signed by a parent or guardian. Registration will be available on the Fleet 413 website www.NewportLaserFleet.org . 

Waivers: All competitors must sign a liability waiver before sailing. Failing to properly sign a waiver will nullify registration. Participants under 18 must have a waiver signed by their parent or guardian.

Entry Fee: The entry fee is paid at the time of registration which is online only. www.NewportLaserFleet.org.  The fee is $25/person. Out-of-state competitors receive a discount ($20). Juniors (18 and under) sail for free.

Eligibility: Open to registered sailors in Laser and Laser Radial rigs. 

Safety & Responsibility: The water is still very cold in April.  Competitors choose to sail in this regatta entirely at their own risk. Sailors are required to wear wet suits or dry suits and other appropriate gear to ensure their own safety.  Each participant must gauge their own ability to participate. Sailors agree to indemnify and hold harmless Sail Newport, Fleet 413 and any and all officers, employees and members of these organizations.

Sail Newport Notice: Competitors are reminded to respect Sail Newport facilities and staff. We are dependent on this facility for the fleet’s continued success. Please remove your boat from Sail Newport grounds at the end of the regatta.

Parking: Parking is allowed only in designated spots along the back of the boat park, by the Mule Barn, or in the overflow lot to the SW of the Sail Newport offices. DO NOT park along the curb or on the grass.

Starts: Starts will be 3-minute dinghy starts with audible horns. The ‘I’ flag (around the ends) is in effect for all starts. In the event of a general recall, the next start the ‘Z’ flag (20% penalty) is also in effect with the ‘I’ flag.  In the event of another general recall, the ensuing start will be under the Black Flag.  These flags will not be flown but will usually be announced by the RC.

Finish: The finish line will be between the race committee boat and a small orange buoy set on the opposite side of the RC boat from the starting line.

Marks: Large yellow balls will be used for the windward and leeward marks. The pin will be a stick with an white Laser flag.

Courses: Courses will generally include:

  • W – Windward / Leeward with start/finish in the middle.
    • T – Triangle with start/finish in the middle. If a leeward gate is set, competitors are to round the gate mark on the same side of the gate as the reach mark, and leave it to the same side as the windward and reach marks. (i.e. for a normal port-triangle, the right-hand gate—looking downwind—will be used as the leeward mark and left to port)
    • H – Windward – Reach Mark – RC Boat (to starboard) – leeward – Finish
    • M – Windward – Leeward – Finish Line (as a gate) – Leeward – Finish
    • When the M is the second letter in a course designation it adds to the course the following: Finish Line (as a windward gate) – Leeward – Finish

The RC has discretion to combine courses (i.e. HW), make courses with multiple laps (i.e. W2), and finish races at any mark. In addition, the RC may announce course modifications or courses other than those outlined herein. The RC’s decision on courses is entirely at their discretion. The RC has the option of using gates for leeward marks and offsets at windward marks.

Sail Numbers: Sailors are required to have unique sail numbers. 

Protests: 360 turns are required of boats that foul. Protests that need to be resolved off the water will be informal and judged by a few non-biased sailors.

Remember, “If in winning the race you have lost the respect of your fellow competitors then you have not won at all.” – Paul Elvström

Scoring: Low-point scoring, with no throw-outs. One race will constitute a regatta. Probably 6 or 7 races.

Festivities: On the grass at Sail Newport after sailing.



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