2016 Pete Milnes Memorial Regatta • Laser Fleet 413



Date: Sunday, April 24th, 2016

Location: Boats launch from Sail Newport and sailing takes place in / around Newport Harbor

First Warning Signal: 12 p.m., skippers meeting 11 a.m.

Registration: Sailors must register and complete waivers before sailing. Competitors under 18
years of age must have a waiver signed by a parent or guardian. Registration will be available in
person, 10 a.m. at the Sail Newport office.

Waivers: All competitors must sign a liability waiver before sailing. Failing to properly sign a
waiver will nullify registration. Participants under 18 must have a waiver signed by their parent
or guardian.

Entry fee: Please go to the fleet website… www.NewportLaserFleet.org Go to Racing/Regattas/
P Milnes Regatta. The fee is $20/person. Out-of-state competitors receive a 50-percent discount
($10). Juniors (18 and under) are free. (If you bring a check on the day of the regatta you may
have to do circles.)

Eligibility: Open to registered sailors in Laser and Laser Radial rigs. Competitors are welcome
to switch between Full and Radial rigs as conditions dictate, however sail numbers MUST be the
same regardless of the rig used. Sailors using multiple sail numbers create an incredible burden
for the scorer. If a minimum 10 radials register, the race committee may start and/or score
them separately.

Safety & Responsibility: Frostbiting can be dangerous. Competitors choose to sail in this
regatta entirely at their own risk. Sailors are required to wear adequate protective gear to ensure
their own safety and to gauge their own suitability to participate. Sailors agree to indemnify and
hold harmless Sail Newport, Fleet 413 and any and all officers, employees and members of these

Sail Newport Notice: Competitors are reminded to respect Sail Newport facilities and staff. We
are dependent on this facility for the fleet’s continued success.
Parking: Parking is allowed only in designated spots along the back of the boat park, by the
Mule Barn, or in the overflow lot to the SW of the Sail Newport offices. DO NOT park along the
curb or on the grass.

Starts: Starts will be 3-minute dinghy starts.

Finish: The finish line will be between the race committee boat and a small buoy set on the
opposite side of the RC boat from the starting line.

Marks: Large orange balls will be used for the windward, reach, and leeward marks. The pin
will be a stick with a flag.

Courses: Courses will generally include:
• W – Windward / Leeward with start/finish in the middle.
• T – Triangle with start/finish in the middle. If a leeward gate is set, competitors are to
round the gate mark on the same s ide of the gate as the reach mark, and leave it to the
same side as the windward and reach marks. (i.e. for a normal port-triangle, the righthand
gate—looking downwind—will be used as the leeward mark and left to port)
• H – Windward – Reach Mark – RC Boat (to starboard) – leeward – Finish
• M – Windward – Leeward – Finish Line (as a gate) – Leeward – Finish
• When the M is the second letter in a course designation it adds to the course the
following: Finish Line (as a windward gate) – Leeward – Finish
The RC has discretion to combine courses (i.e. HW), make courses with multiple laps (i.e.
W2), and finish races at any mark. In addition the RC may announce course modifications or
courses other than those outlined herein. The RC’s decision on courses is entirely at their
The RC has the option of using gates for leeward marks and offsets at windward marks. The RC
may choose to use the I-, Z-, or Black-flag starting penalties.

Sail Numbers: Sailors are required to have UNIQUE sail numbers. Please use your full sail
number to ensure that it is the only one in the fleet. The RC and organizers WILL NOT listen to
any complaints about sail numbers that are duplicates. It takes 20 minutes to put the full sail
number on your sail. It can take hours for the organizers to sort out duplicates.

Jury Observation: The race committee/jury may observe the racing, particularly around the
windward mark. If a Jury member witnesses what he or she believes to be an infringement of a
Rule of Part 2, Rule 42, or Rule 31, this may be signaled with one whistle from a Jury boat and
the hail of the last 3 digits of a infringing boat’s sail number.

Protests: 360 turns are required of boats that foul. In the spirit of Pete Milnes and Fleet 413
frostbiting, protests must be settled on the water. Should a protest not be resolved amicably on
the water, a race committee official may be available for consultation after racing. If you foul
and don’t do your penalty turns (or later withdraw) you have cheated everyone else and yourself.
Remember, “If in winning the race you have lost the respect of your fellow competitors then you
have not won at all.” – Paul Elvström

Scoring: Low-point scoring, with no throwouts. One race will constitute a regatta.

Festivities: Begin promptly at the IYAC on Thames Street immediately after sailing.


Martin Bulanowski • Full Rig Junior (18 and under)
Andrew Pimental • Full Rig Adult
Mark Bear • Full Rig Masters (45+)
Will Donaldson • Full Rig Adult
Frank Hennessy • Full Rig Adult
Peter Shope • Full Rig Masters (45+)
Chris Bollengier • Full Rig Adult
Chad Atkins • Full Rig Adult
Peter Hallemeier • Full Rig Adult
Steven W. Kirkpatrick Kirkpatrick • Full Rig Adult
David Frazier • Full Rig Masters (45+)
Alexander Runci • Full Rig Junior (18 and under)
William Berry • Full Rig Adult
Daniel Berry • Full Rig Adult
Nicholas Ewenson • Full Rig Adult
Dino Garbero • Full Rig Adult
david moffet • Full Rig Adult
aili moffet • Full Rig Adult
Jeff Beckwith • Full Rig Masters (45+)
Lyle Fielding • Full Rig Adult
Jonathan Miller • Full Rig Adult
Benjamin Richardson • Full Rig Adult
Thomas Lemaire • Full Rig Adult
PJ Schaffer • Full Rig Masters (45+)
Seth Cooley Cooley • Full Rig Adult
John Graham • Full Rig Adult
Kira Munger • Full Rig Adult
Christine Neville • Full Rig Adult
Dwight Escalera • Full Rig Adult
chris sheldon • Full Rig Adult

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