The 2013-’14 Fleet 413 Frostbite Season will kick off on Sunday, Nov. 3, at 1 p.m. and continues through the end of April. Registration can be completed by clicking here. Remember to click “submit,” then print out and sign the waiver form and bring it to your first day of sailing.

We are expecting another banner year of sailing on Newport Harbor. A handful of former fleet champions may be returning to the fold this season, raising the level of competition to previously unseen levels. Or maybe not. The only thing we guarantee is there’s no better way to spend a fall/winter/spring Sunday afternoon than sailing with us.

And you won’t find a better deal in all the sailing world. Drop-ins are $10 per day. If you come in from out of state, we’ll cover your first day of racing. College students get half off our full-season dues while high schoolers (and younger) get to race for free.

Any questions? Drop us an e-mail at And don’t forget to like our Facebook Page to stay on top of the latest developments, results, smack talk, etc. Look forward to seeing you out there.