Oxycodone dosage ^^ The Use of Controlled-Release For the Treatment of Chronic Cancer Pain, Californ

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Oxycodone is a well-known opioid agonist similar to morphine in its efficacy. Compared with morphine, oxycodone has a higher oral-to-parenteral bioavailability and is about twice as potent on a milligram basis. Immediate-release (IR) oxycodone is available as a single agent or in combinations with acetaminophen or aspirin.

A controlled-release (CR) oxycodone hydrochloride tablet has been developed to extend the duration of action of oral oxycodone and to provide the benefits of twice-daily dosing. These tablets provide an onset of analgesic action comparable to that of IR oxycodone. The CR dosage form allows the independent selection and titration of nonopioid ana

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